Types of Cargo


Baltimore drives to the top of the business

Since becoming the port of entry for the first Volkswagen Beetle in 1963, the Port of Baltimore has delivered top-rate automobile service and handling capabilities. Today, Baltimore consistently ranks among the nation's top automobile ports.

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At Baltimore, they MOVE FAST

Containers, a key commodity for the Port of Baltimore, account for most of the cargo that moves over Baltimore's public terminals. Highly competitive, Baltimore's strategically sound technological and intermodal advancements speed cargo to its destination.

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Forest Products

In Baltimore, double-digit growth says it all

We specifically target forest products in our strategic business plan. Why? Because we have what it takes to nurture and grow this important business. Baltimore continues to experience double-digit increases in forest products. Some of the largest forest product firms in the world have taken root in Baltimore.

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Project / Specialized Cargo

Our 1st Class Labor carries the Load

Dating back to 1706, the Port of Baltimore's rich maritime tradition has produced skilled labor able to handle any type of cargo that comes across our docks.

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It's our specialty and we're on a roll

It's no accident that the Port of Baltimore is the number one Roll-on/Roll-off port in the United States. Ro/Ro cargo requires special care - and we make it our business to move it with the lowest damage rates possible.

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Baltimore knows how to handle even the most dangerous cargo.

HAZMAT and Certain Dangerous Cargo (CDC) Reporting and Permitting Requirements

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  • Purpose, Authority & General Requirements

  • Prohibited Materials:

  • HAZMATs and CDCs Requiring Permits:

  • Permit Procedures & Application Requirements

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