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POB eBroadcast Messages

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Date POB eBroadcast Messages
05/28/14 2014 Hurricane Season
05/01/14 Port of Baltimore Weather Update
04/28/14 Broening Highway Weekend Roadway Closure
04/09/14 Broening Highway Construction Work
03/14/14 I-95 Road Construction
02/18/14 Port of Baltimore Broening Highway Update
01/16/14 New Mobile Crane
01/06/14 Cold Weather Preparedness Alert
12/19/13 Terminal Holiday Schedule
12/05/13 All Dundalk Marine Terminal Tenants – Fumigation
12/04/13 Port of Baltimore Broening Highway Closure
11/19/13 Port of Baltimore Broening Highway Detour 11/23-11/24
11/01/13 Hanover Street Closure
10/17/13 Update on Port of Baltimore Work Stoppage
10/16/13 Port of Baltimore Broening Highway Closure
10/14/13 Terminal Holiday Schedule – Columbus Day
10/10/13 Broening Highway Weekend Closure
09/16/13 Governor Martin O’Malley & The Maryland Port Authority take part in a food drive to benefit the Maryland Food Bank
08/21/13 Berth Parking - Maryland Port Administration Terminals
08/13/13 Zoom Zoom! Mazda Arriving at Port of Baltimore
08/07/13 Closure of Service Road # 3
08/06/13 Port of Baltimore sets more cargo records
06/28/13 Port of Baltimore Access - Foreign Nationals
06/28/13 Port of Baltimore Announcing New Heavy Lift Berth
06/13/13 Port of Baltimore Clean Diesel Program Replaces 50th Dray Truck
06/12/13 Weather Advisory
05/28/13 2013 Hurricane Season
05/28/13 DERA National Funding Assistance Program
05/15/13 Broening Highway Update
05/02/13 Broening Highway Construction Notice
04/26/13 Broening Highway Closure
04/17/13 Broening Highway Construction Update
04/11/13 Emergency Notification Procedure
04/10/13 Broening Highway Re-construction Traffic Alert
03/29/13 Terminal Holiday Schedule-Good Friday
03/04/13 Inaugural Maritime Expo
03/01/13 Broening Highway Construction Notice
02/20/13 Broening Highway Traffic Pattern Change
02/18/13 Terminal Holiday Schedule - President's Day
01/28/13 New Access Requirements for ALL Visitors Needing Access to Dundalk & Seagirt Marine Terminals
01/17/13 Routine Inspections to Result in Keith Ave Ramp Closures
12/29/12 Cargo Operations for December 29, 2012t
12/03/12 Smoking Policy for State-Owned Property/Buildings
11/27/12 Dundalk Avenue Streetscape Project
11/05/12 Vehicle Decal Regulations
10/26/12 Whiskey Advisory 10-26-12
10/15/12 New Location for Issuance of ID Badges & Decal Permits
10/12/12 Broening Highway Reconstruction Project
08/25/11 Hurricane Advisory - Port Condition XRAY Set
08/24/11 Hurricane "Heavy Weather" Advisory
08/17/11 511 Traveler Info System
06/09/11 Vehicle Decal Regulations
04/27/11 Announcing Super-Load Costs Reduced at the Port of Baltimore
04/11/11 Protecting the Environment Regarding Spill Control
01/11/11 Terminal Employee Updates
09/01/10 MPA Ship Emissions