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Port Information

MPA Divisions

The Maryland Port Administration

World Trade Center

401 E. Pratt Street
Baltimore, Maryland  21202
(410) 385-4444
(800) 638-7519

If you have any comments, suggestions or concerns, we encourage you to contact our Customer Information Center at

The State of Maryland

Lawrence J. Hogan, Jr., Governor
Boyd K. Rutherford, Lt. Governor

Port Commission

Lawrence J. Hogan, Jr., Governor
Boyd K. Rutherford, Lt. Governor
James J. White, MPA Executive Director
Port Commissioners

Executive Management Staff

  • James J. White, Executive Director 410-385-4400
  • M. Kathleen Broadwater, Deputy Executive Director 410-385-4407
  • Robert Munroe, Principal Counsel 410-385-4427
  • Michael Miller, Director Maritime Commercial Mgmt 410-385-4747
  • Wonza Spann-Nicholes, Director of Finance 410-385-4560
  • Richard Powers, Director of Marketing 410-385-4731
  • Joseph M. Greco, Director of Intermodal/Trade Development 410-385-4464
  • Richard Scher, Director of Communications 410-385-4483
  • Dave Thomas, Director of Operations 410-633-1043
  • David Espie, Director of Security 410-633-1153
  • Jim Dwyer, Deputy Director of Planning 410-385-4469
  • Dave Blazer, Deputy Director Harbor Development 410-385-4465
  • Tricia Slawinski, Deputy Director Government Affairs 410-385-4761
  • Mark Kreafle, Director of Engineering 410-385-4823

Department Management Staff

Human Resources:

  • Nancy Lawlor 410-385-4547


  • Brian Miller, GM Terminal Operations 410-633-1124
  • Sam Azzarello, GM Intermodal Logistics 410-633-1183
  • Rich Rehberger, GM Facility Maintenance 410-633-1116
  • Steve Thomas, GM Crane Maintenance 410-633-1034

Office Fair Practices:

  • Wanda Forman, Manager  410-385-4555


  • John H. Thornton, Manager 410-385-4850

Safety, Environment & Risk Management:

  • Barbara McMahon, Manager410-633-1147
  • Bill Richardson, Environmental Manager410-633-1145

Trade Development

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